The Origin of Denim

Denim and jeans are nourished by history. Discover the fascinating stories behind these iconic and timeless fashion garments.

Where does denim come from?

The denim canvas: from Nimes to Genoa

Denim takes its name from the Nîmes twill. Denim is indeed a French fabric which would find its origin around the 18th century. At that time, the city of Nîmes produced this textile made from wool and silk, raw materials supplied by the region of Cévennes. The fabric is characterized by a tight and plain weave between the blue warp and the unbleached weft.

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The production of this woven fabric made Nîmes a prosperous industrial city, a success that also benefited other cities, including the various trading posts of the time. The city of Genoa is one of them. Moreover, this city also claims the paternity of denim. The sails of Genoese boats were made of this type of fabric since the 16th century. Anyway, we can be sure that the origin of the name jean is indeed Genoese, "jean" being the English pronunciation of "Genoa".

Jeans: from Genoa to California

Denim fabric has been exported to the United States from Genoa. In 1953, Levi Strauss, a German immigrant living in California, marketed this fabric. He tried to sell the cloth to the conquerors of the West in the form of tents and tarpaulins, equipment he considered useful to gold diggers. His business had a hard time taking off until he cut work clothes, overalls and pants in this fabric. This was the origin of jeans, which also marked the beginning of the success of the Strauss company.

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In 1971, the denim fabric was reinforced, an idea of tailor Jacob Davis, a partner of Levi Strauss in the production of his "work-wear". He also created the orange stitching on the selvage to reinforce the seams and the rivets on the pockets. Together, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis filed a patent for the blue canvas pants (blue jeans) with rivets in the pockets in 1973, making them co-inventors of the pair of jeans as we know today.

Nowadays, denim is everywhere: for jackets, skirts, dresses, trousers, shorts and even aprons. You can find raw denim but also stretch denim, dyed denim and so many different colors. It's a popular apparel to wear, now made of a cotton fabric. For cooking apron, denim is a sturdy fabric. Discover our denim aprons and find the one that will perfectly match who you are, while protecting your clothes from stains and splashes ! 👇

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