Where to buy aprons ?

Kitchen Aprons have been around for centuries. Timeless, they have become real assets for amateur and professional cooks, protecting them from stains and splashes. Sleeveless and comfortable, they allow greater freedom of movement than a kitchen jacket or blouse. 

In recent years, Aprons have become much more than kitchen clothes: they are now real fashion garnments. More than a protection, an Apron is a kitchen outfit and an essential cooking apparel to wear. Customizable, stylish, lightweight, striped, patterned, embroidered, the Apron comes in many different ways.

Denim Apron

What are the different types of professional aprons?

- The Bib Apron

    The Bib Apron is worn with an adjustable neck strap and an adjustable tie at the waist. It is regularly worn by cooks as a chef apron. The textile, often made of cotton, sometimes polyester, is strong. It can also be made of denim. It is practical and comfortable and can have a large central pocket to store some kitchen utensils. It is easily machine washable. It is a real work apron for the a lot of restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops and it is often part of the uniform, like the white apron.

    Bib Apron

    - The Waist Apron or Half Apron

    Strapless, the Waist Apron, also known as a half apron, is often a favorite among waiters and bartenders because it allows complete freedom of movement for the upper body. In fact, the tie is at the waist and the apron goes down to the knees or half of the thigh. It often goes with pockets to allow waiters to store pens and notebooks.

    - The Leather Apron

    The Leather Apron is a particularly sturdy Apron, designed to be tough and offer maximum protection to its user. Generally, it is used by blacksmiths or welders, who are required to work with high temperature or sharp materials. The Leather Apron is a real work clothing but also a personal protective equipment.

    Leather Apron

    - The Waterproof Apron

    The Waterproof Apron can be very useful especially for butchers, who work with meat and can receive blood splashes, as well as fishmongers. On a classic apron, this would be a stain, whereas on this one, the blood will not stick and will just slide off. It will even be very easy to clean it by sprinkling it with a little water. The Butcher's Apron makes washing easy and fast.

    - The Hairdresser's or Barber's Apron

    The Barber's Apron (or Hairdresser's Apron) is very popular with this profession since it is designed to make work easier and allows you to have all the necessary tools to carry around, thanks to its many pockets. It is a work outfit.

    > Whatever your job, at Apron Central we have the Apron that will match your professional outfit.

    Barber Apron

    Where to buy a Kids' Apron?

    At Apron Central, children are in the spotlight. We offer a wide range of Aprons for children. Whether your child likes cars, fish, dinosaurs or even Superheroes, they will find the right Kids' Apron. Protected from stains, your child will be able to let his creativity run free when cooking!

    Apron for Kids

    Where to buy a funny Apron?

    Whether it's for a gift, or for yourself, at Apron Central, we have been working hard to offer you the funniest Aprons on the market. Because for us, humor is important. Our collection of Funny Aprons will not leave you indifferent. That's for sure.

    Which Women's Cooking Apron to choose?

    When it comes to cooking, the Apron is important. It gets you in the right conditions to prepare the tastiest recipes and give the best of yourself. At Apron Central, we are committed to bringing out the best in every woman. To reveal each woman's personality. And to give free rein to creativity. That's why we offer a wide range of Women's Kitchen Aprons that will appeal to all styles. Glamorous or funny? Retro fashion or rather classic? Whatever you are looking for, we have it.

    Apron for Women

    Where to buy Aprons for Men?

    Whether behind the stove or in front of a barbecue, an Apron for Men is always useful. Our men's collection offers a wide choice of styles. Whether you like skulls, cars, airplanes, animals, motorcycles, or sports, we have the Apron that's just waiting for you.

    Apron for Men

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