Chef Apron

The Apron: the essential cooking garment

From short to long to mid-length, we have all sizes. All of our Aprons are made with a high quality fabric, such as polycotton or 100% cotton. Our products are soft, light and above all very sturdy!

An Apron is the ideal protective garment for all catering jobs. Easy to use, our cooking Aprons are easy-to-wear and practical in the kitchen. Either with cross back straps or with a tied back knot, we have a wide range of adjustable kitchen aprons. For cooks, Chefs, pastry chefs or bakers, our Aprons with bibs will protect all of your kitchen clothes. For those who prefer a shorter garment, we have half Aprons. Don't forget our children's cooking Aprons, so you can enjoy your passion for cooking with your kid.

A professional kitchen outfit

Wheter you are a barman, a cook, a commis, a pastry chef or a caterer, protecting your outfit while working is easy with our Chef Aprons. Choose our bib Aprons for a total protection or our short Aprons to have more freedom of movement. Our fabrics, colors and prints follow the trends and can match all your needs and expectations. Whether you're a food service professional or a home baker, choose from our many Aprons to cook in style.

Bib Aprons

Classic and timeless, the bib Apron protects your outfit from your chest to your knees. It often comes with a large lower front pocket, sometimes divided into two compartments. You can store your utensils, pencils or notebook while working all day long. Made of cotton, polycotton or linen, it combines sturdyness and ease of use. Quick to put on, it adjusts to your body shape thanks to its drawstrings. With a waist tie and an adjustable neck strap with metal buckle, or with cross back straps, it's made to fit your body shape.Choose the elegance of a classic by choosing a black or white bib Apron to match all your outfits. Assert your identity with trendy bib Aprons. In denim cotton and denim-style stitching or vintage cotton and leather-style ties, play the card of young and casual outfits. Bring a touch of fantasy and modernity by choosing a black bib Apron with vertical colored stripes. Define your style by matching your Apron to your design or choose a strong identity with Aprons in various colors and patterns.

Short or long Aprons

Most commonly used in the kitchen and pastry industry, half Aprons protect your pants and are easy to wear over any outfit. Very quick to put on with the drawstring at the waist, it allows you to work in complete freedom. Available in many colors, it is ideal for the summer season while remaining chic. For optimal protection in the cooking area, long Aprons will protect you effectively against splashes and stains.