Japanese Apron

Have you ever heard of the Japanese apron? As pretty as it is practical, this cross back apron is the new trend in the home decorating universe, coming from the Land of the Rising Sun. At Apron Central, we had to dedicate collection to this essential garment of the trendy stove.

What is a Japanese apron?

Inspired by Japanese kitchen clothes, it is characterized by its clean design and ease of use. Its secret: crossed straps in the back that allow you to wear it without fastening it, giving it a modern and original look. Another specificity of the Japanese apron: it often comes with large pockets in which we slip our kitchen utensils or gardening tools. The cool thing is that it's for men and women! So Mister can also look good in the kitchen (which may make him want to be there more often...).

Japanese aprons are kitchen clothes made of linen and cotton. Very elegant, our Japanese aprons are worn as an extension of your usual clothes and blend naturally with your outfit. Aesthetic and comfortable, it is a high-end kitchen outfit. Cook at home delicious recipes or bake pastries like a real chef! The best part: easily machine washable!

As you can see, the Japanese apron is designed to be both practical and aesthetic: try it on and you will never want to take it off.