About Apron Central

An apron, beautiful values

If you have arrived on this page, it is because you want to know a little more about Apron Central.

A little anecdote before telling you more about Apron Central: we are a proudly Canadian company! Yes, maple syrup, caribous, great lakes and winters at -20°C, that's where we come from! So why do we sell our aprons in America? Good question!

After the great success of our aprons across Canada, we wanted to share them with our American friends. And we did it right! At Apron Central, we are dedicated to making life easier for our customers who are passionate about cooking, those who are looking for a gift for their child, or those who need the right workwear. We truly love our customers.

Please contact us and see for yourself! With the arrival of the pandemic, we were faced with new challenges. Our manufacturing team had to rethink its entire organization during the production of the aprons, in order to respect the sanitary measures in force, and we had to adapt and face new constraints.

We succeeded because we believe in it and our motivation is unfailing! Each apron brings joy and happiness at home or at work. Offer an apron, you will see: it is the ideal gift, which will always please.

Our Values

We like to work with manufacturers who have a proven track record, and we have looked into manufacturing options in the US, but it is SO difficult and expensive: we could not offer you such a good value and especially so many different aprons.

On the other hand, we receive a high volume of orders every day and we need partners who can supply us with large quantities, in the shortest possible time. This means that we carefully select our partners, both employees and manufacturers, for their expertise and know-how. We have a large part of our aprons manufactured in China, according to strict norms and Apron Central standards.

We are very proud of this, because the work of our manufacturers is unique and of high quality.

At Apron Central, we value transparency with our customers. Many big brands hide the origin of their products from customers: not us. Why do we do this? Because we know that we offer quality, solid aprons that we are proud of. Buying from Apron Central is the assurance of having an original, quality apron and to encourage a young and independent company, which does not belong to the giants of e-commerce.

Our aprons are quality gifts. We make sure that every apron you order meets our quality requirements, that it is as described and that it is shipped on time. Over the years, we have improved our aprons to make the fabric more resistant, the patterns more trendy, or the straps of the right length, in order to adapt to each of our customers.

How did we get here?

We could tell you a fairy tale, an urban legend, by telling you that we are the 5th generation of apron makers and that we have lived solely for our aprons since the beginning of time. But that's not true, the story is much simpler.

Our founders, David and Laura, were a baker and a salesperson in a bakery, respectively. At the time, David and Laura had been searching for months for unique aprons that were different from the few available on the market.

They were looking for an apron specialist, but couldn't find one. That's when the idea of becoming the apron specialists themselves came up. 600 apron references and a few thousand orders later, Apron Central is now a fast-growing company with strong values and a close-knit team.Selling aprons has become our passion.